The odds of winning Western 649 are approximately 6.6 million, but this doesn’t mean the winner can’t be you. With the best secrets (that’s what we’re about to give you), a clear mind, determination and a positive attitude, you could be the next winner.

Ways You Can Play

Western-649 is a lottery game that offers various ways for you to play. The common ways include:

Quick Pick – With this option you will be allowing the Ticket Terminal to generate the numbers for you. The Quick-Pick will give you a random chance of winning, and is not a guarantee that it is going to choose the winning numbers for you.

Selection Slip – This method gives you the opportunity to choose your own numbers. This is based on a pool of 1 to 49 number. By purchasing one ticket, you will be able to play 6 Western-649 games. The cost to play the game is $1, buy if you choose an Extra, you will need to pay an additional $1 per selection. Even when you choose the Quick-Pick route, you can still choose to play the Extra. The maximum amount of draws you can enter are 25.

Lotto Packs – This is a convenient way to play Western 649. Typically, the pack consists of a combination of a number of lottery games. With the lotto packs that have Western 649 include:

· The 649 pack, which will give you one Western 649 ticket with a Quick-Pick selection and a $2 value Extra along with one Lotto 649 ticket with this selection. One $4 value Extra along with a guaranteed prize Draw selection. This pack will cost you $6.

· There’s a super pack that will cost you $20. It consists of one Lotto Max ticket that will come with a total of three Quick Pick selections and 1 $6 Value Extra. Also included is 1 Western Max ticker, which offer three Quick Pick selections and one $3 value Extra. One Lotto 649 ticket with two Quick Pick selections, one $7 value Extra and 2 guaranteed prize draw selection. This also has one Western-649 ticket with three Quick pick selection and a $4 value Extra.

Have Confidence

Be confident in your decision—whether it’s the specific numbers you have chosen or just the decision to buy the ticket—be confident. Take a minute before or after your purchase and let that negativity in your mind vanish and evaporate away. This may seem silly to you right now, but try it the next time you play. Winning the lottery begins with your APPROACH to the game….

Take your time, hold the ticket in your hands, feel its weight and texture.

Take deep breaths, hold, and exhale. Repeat until you feel relaxed. Clear your mind of all but the current activity. Try to become one with the winning ticket. Allow your hands to move to chosen points to scratch—don’t try to follow patterns—just let peace be your guide. If you’ve never

used these techniques, it may feel strange and reading this may trigger reactions of complete skepticism and perhaps even scorn. Pay no mind to these thoughts. It’s OK to have those feelings but be sure to dismiss them in a timely manner. You’re doing something outside your comfort zone and that is all. You’ll get used to it—especially when you start winning!

This is a habit that you must exercise before and after buying a lottery ticket. Don’t second guess yourself. When you play Mega Millions. Western 649 or Powerball, you want to feel a sense of peace about your choice of location from which to buy your tickets. In the case of simple scratch-offs, this technique comes into play after you’ve purchased and before you start scratching. Don’t just start scratching away the minute you get the ticket.

Now, it’s time for you to relax your body and mind. Breathe slowly in through the nose with your mouth closed. Close your eyes. Hold the breath deep in your lungs for four or five seconds. Slowly, steadily over a span of another four or five seconds, exhale through your mouth.


Envision yourself following through with your post-win plan. Imagine the feelings of ecstasy and happiness when you realize you will never have to work another day in your life. The imagination and the mental training will combine to begin making your thoughts reality.