Ramalan Lotto is a game that predicts the winnings of the lottery, which is played in some regions of Malaysia. It gives you chances to win the prize of RM40,000, RM100,000 and even up to RM500,000. This game is played for seven days, and the draw date is held for two consecutive weeks.

This ramalan lotto had won RM 5 million when first published in 2001. It uses the data analysis of the 15 most frequently drawn numbers circulated on the Internet for years.

It is believed that recent data analysis of the most frequently drawn number is more accurate than the previous ones because it uses nine different combos and the 15 most popular.

One recent ramalan lottery tip has gained popularity throughout Malaysia, accurately predicting all six combinations held on 8 May 2020. This Ramalan Lotto has given accuracy of 97.64% of predictions.

How does it work?

It analyzes the last 24 draws of the lotto. After that, it checks if they match your prediction or not. If they match, then you win.

Ramalan lottery uses a mathematical algorithm to predict the six combinations in each next draw. This is different from most other lottery games, such as 4D, where the numbers are chosen randomly by rolling a ball or machine. The number of possibilities in predicting how to beat Lotto 4D is much smaller because there are only six combinations from which to choose.

In contrast, the lottery has a total of 49 numbers (6 x 9) and thus includes more possible combinations and makes it harder to calculate.

How can you Play ?

To play this game, you must have an account with BOMBAMALL Pertama. If you do not have one already, please sign up so that your ballot combos are successfully recorded.

1. You can either install the Ramalan app or import by using your Facebook account to log in to the application.

2. After you have logged in, select the type of game you want to play.

3. Enter your ballot number or choose one from your Facebook friends who also play, then click on ‘Generate’. Then please be patient and wait for your prediction information to pop up.

4. If the numbers match, congratulations! You win cash prizes. But if they don’t, there is no need to worry because you can play again for the next round.

Tips to Win

To win the highest prize amount you must purchase a jackpot ticket after the draw time has expired. You have to guess all of the six, and the prize will be determined by how many you guessed correctly out of those six.

Choose the combinations that you want to buy a ticket for. Look at a guide to the number that is drawn to make a suggestion. You can view the number of red colors in each column and row, referred to as the number of red color combos. Draw names from some of the master Lotto tables based on your favorite colors and your lucky numbers.

Computer programs the random sets, and whoever happens to be successful in making your choice gets an amount as per the number you guessed. Every single one of these sets is randomly picked, and we can predict none of them.

So, you must analyze all possible combinations to pick the numbers correctly while buying a ticket. You should also check the remaining numbers to get an idea of how many will remain so that you can increase the number of your winnings. The total payout depends on the number of players who have predicted correctly, and if there are multiple winners, the payout will go down.

The prize amount for each set of combos for participating players is 550 times the base prizes, including a special prize for guessing all six numbers correctly.

My Personal Opinion

From my point of view, Ramalan Lotto is a fantastic platform that can help you win cash prizes every week. This website has a database of over 1,000 winnings. You need to buy a ticket for RM100 and place your bet accordingly. The database is updated once every day with new sets.

It’s trusted to provide quality and security, providing you with 100% safe and quick payouts through bank transfer. The members of this website are from all over the world, making the game even more exciting. As the results of this game depend on the combos you choose to play, it is challenging for anyone to win with a proper calculation strategy.

With this you get different types of games can help you win more money. It also offers a variety of different types of games. Gamblers can choose from these games before playing the online game.