The Quebec 49 lottery is a regional lottery only played in Quebec, Canada, since October 1, 1997. This lottery is unique in a few ways. First of all, it’s not as heavily regulated as other lotteries; because of this, many players can take advantage of sure jackpots. It’s also the only provincial lottery that rewards players with cash prizes for matching all possible combinations in a draw.

The cost of a ticket is CAD 1 dollar. Every Wednesdays and Saturdays at 11:30PM local time are the draws’ days. Tickets are available for sale until the draw is made.

To play Quebec 49, Players get to choose up to 49 numbers (1-49) in the tournament allocated for this draw. The winnings are drawn randomly out of 49 balls. A payout is made if the player’s six match the winning six.

How They works

When you purchase a ticket to play Quebec 49, you may add up to ten more combo for $1 each. The first or last number of your Extra combination must match the winning combo to win a prize.

Example: Let’s say you purchase a ticket and pick 1, 4, 27, 28, 40 and 47. You add three extra numbers for $1 each (4 again because it’s part of your original set of six and two other random #) to improve your chances of winning. In this case, you should add 3, 7 and 48 (4 again because it’s part of your original set of six and two other randoms) in the extra combination box.

If all your six main numbers match the winning six main AND one of your extra matches one of the extra drawn, you win the jackpot!

How Can You Play?

You must purchase a ticket after picking six (6) to play the game. The numbers chosen by the Quick Pick option are entirely at random, and you can use your favorites in any Wednesday or Saturday draw. You can play alone or in a group, and you may buy tickets ahead of time for several draws.

If you opt to play online and configure your account for updates, you will be notified when having won tickets. Draws are held on Wednesday and Saturday. The deadline entering the draw is 10:30 pm each draw day.

You can also purchase tickets online using your master debit card, credit card or visa card.

Tips to Win

While selecting your lotto #, Try your best to have a mix even and odd ratio to increase your chances of winning. When having a jackpot, your odds of winning are much better, so look for these big combinations to increase your chances of getting the jackpot.

You also want to make sure you pick combinations that are hard for people to guess. For example, 0949 or 1169 cannot be picked out easily when looking at the lotery card.

Try to use combintions that have many of the same digits. For example, you might see on some lotery cards that include the single digit 0’s or the double digits 5’s and 9’s. This can increase your odds of winning a prize because these are much harder to pick out by playing with the more common numbers.

When having a jackpot option, it becomes even more important to keep your selections as random as possible because there is a good chance that someone will select the winning combo for you. You can also use your birthday for your quick pick lotto because these are unlikely to win.

My opinion

Quebec 49 is one of the most popular lotery games in Canada. It gives a great chance to win a big jackpot and has a reasonable payout rate for those who don’t win it big. Thus, if you’re looking for a lottery game where the odds are in your favor, this is the one for you.

It offers a great jackpot prize thats fixed always at 2 million dollars and the money can be divided between the winners who match all the six combos.

Also, since there are so many possible combinations of numbers available for selection, it’s easier to have a good chance of getting some combos right while other players are still choosing others.

You must try your luck and buy a ticket to play this lottery. You could be one of the lucky people who win big!