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Poker Lotto is one of the most profitable and fun lottery games to play in Ontario. There are NO slips filling and no numbers to choose. All you have to do is ask for a ticket and you can win! It’s best to ask a retailer for a POKER LOTTO ticket that has the ALL IN option. You can play up to three selections per ticket. This increases your potential prize.

With this game you have to pay the lottery retailer in advance before getting your ticket. Each hand will cost you $2 plus $1 per hand to add ALL IN.

Once paid for, you simply watch the cards dealt on the video screen of the terminal of the lottery to see if your 5-card hand is a winner per the INSTANT prize structure.

Checking tickets every night draw to make sure you win. If you match 2 or more of your cards to the cards drawn you win! It’s very important to understand that loto retailers are not able to cancel a ticket once it has been printed. But good news for you is that players who won the INSTANT prize have the option of redeeming immediately or waiting the next day, either way you get your prize money.

Poker Lotto gives you a Las Vegas type experience without even being in Las Vegas! This lottery challenge is inspired by poker, which is the main theme. Except, you don’t have to be GOOD at the game to win!

Drawings take place daily at 11pm local Ontario time. You must wait and see if you’ve won a jackpot after the drawing happens. Poker Lotto, however, also has an instant element to the game also. Once you purchase your ticket, you find out if you are winning a smaller prize or not instantly. Tickets can be purchased right until 10:30 p.m. on the day of the drawing.

How does the payout work exactly?

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As we already discussed, Poker Lotto has an instant win element and an All In jackpot award.

The instant win element is possible in many different ways. If you have a royal flush, you will claim an award of 5,000 dollars. A straight flush gives you a prize of 500 dollars. Being dealt four of a kind will give you a prize of 175 dollars, a full house – 75 dollars, a flush – 50 dollars, a straight – 20 dollars, three of a kind – five dollars, two pair – two dollars and a pair of Jacks or better – a free play option.

The overall winning odds is a instant prize are one in 4.8, and the chances of claiming the top award are one in 649,740. Because of this it gives you much better odds than some of the national lotteries offered.

Now, let’s talk about the ALL IN option as this will produce a bigger prize for you! If you purchsse All In and you get dealt a royal flush, you will win the instant prize and the collected jackpot for the drawing. Jackpots start at 10,000 dollars, and even if there are zero winners for that day, the entire prize pool will be rolled over to the next drawing the next day.

The game has produced many jackpot winners as this game gives you the best chance of winning over just about any loto game offered. A Mississauga player won a huge jackpot of $109,508 dollars plus an additional instant prize of 5,000 dollars sending him home with a whopping $114,508 dollars!

Another great feature of the game is that if any player hits a straight flush, you instantly win 10 percent of the aggregated prize pool. At the very least this could be $1,000. Players who win an instant prize can get paid immediately, or they can wait and see if they won the ALL IN drawing also.

With any lottery, remember to always read the rules and fine print before entering it. The lottery is not just Easy or Hard. You need to know the odds of winning before investing your hard-earned money. If you want to maximize the amount of profit, learn how to read each odds. You are in the right hands because it absolutely gives you maximum value on your money.

We also suggest forming a lotto syndicate with this type of lotto. With this it’s best to purchase more tickets in order to increase your chances of winning. If you cannot afford more tickets, the best is to share a bunch of tickets with coworkers, friends, colleagues, etc. in order to increase your odds and chances of winning. It’s very important to gather the right people with positive vibes and who share the same interests when forming a loto syndicate. Having the right positive energy can also increase your chances of winning. Just about everyone joining a syndicate has one goal in common, that’s to win large sums of money and have fun in the process!

Remember, to never give up when playing. You may not win right away but the biggest mistake lottery players make is giving up too quickly. You must be in it to win it as they always say. Many players will lose 1 or 2 times and completely quit. With playing, you already have the best chance of winning over any of these other big name loto jackpot games. We suggest playing for a week straight to see positive results. Your royal flush is just around the corner, as there are many players who have it this multiple times. Having this syndicate in place along with a never give up attitude will produce you winners after winners. No more traveling to Vegas to play your favorite poker games…start by playing poker lotto today and your dreams can come true!