Lottario can bring you a lot of money, and that’s the truth. This is one of numerous lotto games that are available to people living in the Canadian Province of Ontario. The drawing for Lottario takes place one day a week – on Saturday’s at 22:30 local time, and tickets are available until right before the drawing – the tickets cost CAD 1.00 for two lines.

Play Every Saturday

Winning big prizes in Lottario is not impossible but, just like any other activity, it does require practice and experience before the results show up. Playing every single Saturday, without missing a Saturday will increase your chances of winning.

Many people will buy lottery tickets, not win a prize and not play again for a long time. Or they will only play the lotto when the jackpot is larger than usual. One of the key components to winning the lottery is to play consistently while being agile enough to amend your strategy if results are not coming your way. Over 72% of our customers who win large amounts ($10,000+) play consistently, week in week out as opposed to ‘all in big jackpot’ tactics once or twice a year.

Careful with Your Numbers

Take time to decide upon your numbers. See which numbers have been drawn the least. In order for lottery numbers to fall in an even distribution these numbers are more likely to be drawn than those that have already been drawn. See how long it has been since a number has been drawn. On average each number is likely to be drawn at least once in every seven draws. So in order to make up an even distribution those numbers that haven’t come up in the last seven draws are more likely to be drawn.

Forget about Those Rollovers

That’s correct, you heard right. Research shows that the higher the jackpot goes the more people are likely to buy tickets for that draw. While the odds of winning a larger jackpot or smaller one are still the same, if more people play in the draw you are more likely to split your winnings with other players.

So in a nutshell; make sure you buy your Lottario tickets before the jackpot has rolled over. (We also refer you to the section ‘Know you Odds’ and remind you that a lottery jackpot that hasn’t rolled over is still life changing. Don’t get desensitised by jackpot amounts!)


A notable fact about the lottery is that every once in a while, there’s a lottery player who admits to using the Law of Attraction to win a jackpot! This is something that you should look into. Some major newspapers and television networks have even carried stories about people who have used the creative power of intention to manifest their own lottery jackpot.

The law of attraction has been used to win lottery prizes, sweepstakes and contests. In fact, there is a lady that goes by the name of Helen Hadsell and she is probably one of the most famous Law of Attraction contest winners in the world. She has used the creative power of intention to win a car, overseas vacations, a new house, tens of thousands of dollars in cash, and several thousand prizes that include furniture, appliances, and household items. As a result, she is known as “The woman who wins every contest prize she desires” by writers, radio, and television interviewers around the world.

Go ahead and read about the Law of Attraction, familiarize yourself with it, and then apply that to playing Lottario every Saturday. Remember, don’t miss a day!