If you’re looking for something new to do with friends or family that can be both fun and stimulating to the mind, then Dice Forge would probably be just what you need. So how does a hero’s journey to compete for a seat in heaven with the gods sound? This is a game of strategy, wit, courage, and determination. And best of all, it’s loads of fun!

What do you get with the game? Each box comes with the following:

  • 5 cubes (4 sets, 20 pieces total) of colored resource markers
  • “Temple” sleeve
  • 1 Round Tracker
  • Four hero inventories
  • 1st Player token
  • Islands board
  • Temple board
  • Four hammer tokens
  • Eight tokens
  • F0ur chest tiles
  • Hero Aid that provides details on each card and die faces’ functions and effects
  • “Single-Use” Tokens (8 in total including: 4 Cerberus and 4 Triton tokens)
  • “Heroic Feat” Cards (96 in total, composed of 4 identical cards in 24 sets)
  • Eight “Divine Die” Cores to hold the 4 dark and 4 light core interchangeable faces
  • Die Faces (108 total pieces including 48 dice faces and 60 Temple faces)
  • Rule sheet to guide players and use as reference through the game.

How long does each game last? 

The board is designed to have four heroes to compete for the seat. But you can have a go at it even with just 2 players, each round will last about 20 minutes – possibly shorter if there’s just 2 of you. The goal is simple, the one that holds the highest number of glory points is the victor. 

What to expect from each round?

Each player will possess their own set of divine dice. For every roll, you’ll have the opportunity to gain gold, moon shards, and sun shards that you can use for the following: 

  • Collect and gain Glory Points to send you in the lead
  • Perform heroic acts that will help you in your goal.
  • Offer these to the gods to get new die faces to upgrade or modify your dice to give you a better advantage.

Once you’ve gained new faces to your dice, you can modify your divine dice as the game progresses so you can make more powerful rolls. But! Take heed, this is not a simple trading task. You’ll need to carefully consider and manage your resources so your gold will not be allocated in vain.  As you continue your game, you’ll find yourself strategizing and learning new techniques to keep you in the lead and play more skillfully and masterfully.

A Couple of Tricks

If the running is quite close and you’d want to gain an advantage over another player, aim to oust another active player. This won’t be easy, but if you play your dice right, you might be able to pull it off. If you manage to land your pawn to a space that is currently being occupied by another player, they’ll need to take their pawn out and put it back to their beginning portal. But the gods are merciful enough to provide them with divine blessing for their unexpected misfortune. 

While each turn should only grant players with a single action, you can offer your sun shards to the gods to allow you to perform a second act within the same turn to give you a better advantage. Of course, thread easy with this, you wouldn’t want to run out of sun shards to use when you need it most. 

The ultimate trick to mastering the game is by playing it over and over. This is the only way you’ll learn how to apply certain strategies and correct previous mistakes. Best of all, don’t forget to have fun.