Anyone who has played the Carta GD lottery and bought a lottery ticket may be asking: Are there techniques one can use to increase the chances of winning the lottery? 

Everybody knows that the lottery uses random picking of numbers, as shown in live draws on TV. Statisticians who have studied the concept of randomness tell us that there is no way to predict correctly the numbers that will be drawn in the next draw. Not even the most advanced supercomputer can predict the next winning numbers. 

All that players can do is increase their chances of winning. How then can you increase your chances? Follow a couple of strategies explained below to improve your odds of taking home the jackpot in the next draw. 

Applying Permutations

In statistics, combining and mixing numbers to come up with the allowable number of combinations called permutations is a possible effective strategy to use in playing the Carta GD lottery. 

For brevity, let us say you are determining the permutations of numbers 1 to 5. You will have 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 21, 22, 23, and so forth. Take note that the reverse order of numbers, such as 21, 31, 41, 51, 32, and so forth, belong to all permutations of the given set. 

In theory, you will have to place a bet on each pair to make sure you win. However, though it ensures that you will surely win, you will still be on the losing end because you also placed bets on non-winning combinations. 

Imagine doing the same strategy on three-digit permutations for numbers 0 to 9. There are 720 permutations in this set (assuming no number is drawn twice), which means you will place bets on all 720 combinations to ensure that you will win. Again, you will be losing money in the end because of the bets you will also place in non-winning combinations. 

Now, imagine applying the same method on four-digit permutations. There will be more permutations, and you will have to place bets on more combinations. 

That is why you need to understand the strategies called frequency analysis and positional tracking. You need to use these methods, so you do not need to place bets on all possible permutations but still have a high chance of winning. 

Frequency Analysis

Frequency analysis takes away the job of listing down many permutations. This strategy only requires analyzing previous results to spot trends of winning combinations. With this strategy, you look for hot and cold numbers. 

Hot numbers are those that frequently appeared, while cold numbers are those that rarely got drawn. That is all you need to examine. Then you decide whether to go hot or cold in your choices. 

Some players choose hot numbers thinking that these numbers are more likely to appear. On the other hand, cold numbers are chosen because players think they are overdue for a draw. 

Other players would mix numbers from both groups to hedge their bets. If you are faced with a difficult choice, you would likely end up mixing numbers from both groups. 

Frequency analysis brings the advantage of having a system that allows you to choose from a smaller set of options or avoid selecting numbers on a whim. Check for lottery tools or software that can help you track, analyze, and select numbers based on previous draw results. 

Frequency analysis is also a technique used in some areas, such as food manufacturing and cryptoanalysis. In lottery and these other areas, this statistical technique is used to test the assumption that individual results or outcomes are equally likely to occur. 

However, keep in mind the randomness of outcomes in the lottery. Lottery games take great pains to make sure that outcomes are random. There is no guarantee that the trends you have spotted will correctly predict the winning number in the next game. 

Positional Tracking

Positional tracking is an additional technique you can use together with frequency analysis. After analyzing hot and cold numbers, the next step is to determine the positions these numbers and other numbers occupy in the succession of previous draws.

You can also find software that helps also with positional tracking. As with frequency analysis, listing the numbers on a spreadsheet and analyzing them can get complicated. 

Even with advanced computing technology, it is still difficult to analyze the many hot and cold numbers and numbers in certain positions, though they are fewer compared to all the permutations possible for 10 different digits across 4 positions. 

The benefit you get from these strategies is that they offer a way to help get things organized, so you see patterns, trends, and positions. That way, you avoid mistakenly choosing combinations with patterns like 0000 or 1111 or 1234, and so on. 

Create a Lottery Pool

Organizing a group of people to play the Carta GD lottery with you is one of the ways to avoid betting on many combinations on your own. One way to do this is through convincing as many as possible to form a group, raise money, and bet on different number combinations is a surefire way to increase the chances of hitting the jackpot. 

The downside to that approach is you will have to divide the loot when you receive it. Perhaps, the best time to do that is when the money at stake is hundreds of million dollars to ensure a bigger portion for you and everyone. 

Follow these steps when organizing a lottery pool: 

  • Make a contract for participants to sign. 
  • Designate a leader trusted by members. He will be in charge of collecting money, tracking contributions, purchasing and securing tickets, and handling the distribution of winnings. 
  • Collect money electronically. It ensures that everyone can pay conveniently from where they are. Also, it provides every participant with a receipt of their contribution. 
  • Make copies of purchased tickets to be distributed to all participants. 
  • Secure the ticket. The original ticket should be kept in a safe or a lockbox. After the drawing, the ticket should be presented to the member in charge of auditing.