Western Max – Winning with the Laws of Attraction

With the right frame of mind, you can win Western Max. We believe learning the law of attraction will help increase your chance. The Law of Attraction is an infinite spiritual technology that is available to everyone. It can be used by any person willing to learn about its characteristics and then follow a particular set of guidelines until the end result is accomplished.

This is possible because the Law of Attraction is a reliable force that is set in motion through the power of human thoughts. We refer to this spiritual technology as a law because it is repeatable like the law of gravity, which is repeatable under specific conditions. According to the dictionary, a law is a statement or a fact in which a natural or scientific phenomenon always occurs if certain conditions are present. The Law of Attraction, or Universal Law, is a spiritual certainty because it can be demonstrated over and over as long as certain mental and emotional conditions are met.

We have at our command the most powerful tool known to mankind, our mind – our mind can help us win Western Max. Most of us, unfortunately, have never been taught how to use it effectively. Moreover, millions of people have accepted the belief that they must settle for the ordinary even though they have an extraordinary potential within themselves that can just as easily create massive success and abundance. The power within our minds can heal us, prosper us, attract ideal circumstances, and even materialize the perfect job or life partner.

The same power that keeps us stuck in poverty and limitation can prosper us and give us the life of our dreams if we understand how to speak its language. Psychologists say that we are only using about 10% of our brain power, and some reliable sources claim that we actually use much less than that. Whatever the percentage, humanity is awakening to an awareness in which we are finally recognizing the creative power of our thoughts and feelings.

The Twenty First Century is considered by mystics as a major turning point of human evolution. It is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius in its broadest sense, an era in which human evolution takes a giant leap into greater awareness and personal power. This awareness demonstrates that humans are not merely a collection of tissues and bones, but dynamic, spiritual beings that are more intricately connected to the Universe than was imagined when our ancestors first gazed into the heavens to ponder the origins of life.

Until the Twentieth Century, mankind and the universe were considered two separate entities completely unrelated to one another in terms of their physical makeup and function, but enlightened scientists and quantum physicists have shown us that humanity and the universe are intricately related on a subatomic, or quantum, level in a manner suggesting that everything in existence is a result of consciousness being aware of itself and the things around it.

The Prospering Power of Affirmations

Affirmations are spoken statements of truth whose use goes back many centuries. Recorded history is filled with accounts of affirmations being used in mysticism, spirituality and religion.

Some of the oldest forms of affirmative prayers go back to the ancient Egyptian culture in which hieroglyphs affirmed the majesty of mythical gods. In modern times, Catholics still recite rosary prayers in which affirmative statements are repeated in honor of the Virgin Mary.

In Voodoo, which is an African-American folk spirituality, there is evidence of affirmative statements, as well. And New Thought spirituality, which developed during the late 1800s, ushered in the popular use of affirmations for those in the English-speaking nations of the world. All these faiths, and in many others throughout the world, contain evidence of the use of spoken affirmations for spiritual well-being and physical health.

The power of affirmations lies in the way your affirmations make you FEEL, not in the words themselves. Your words, by themselves, have no power because they are merely the result of wind passing through your vocal chords resulting in sounds that are formed by your tongue.

On the other hand, the feelings you experience while repeating affirmations is where the true creative power lies. All intentional creation is based on this feeling principle. Our feelings have the power to enhance our lives or to destroy them.

For example, a person who feels unworthy of good things usually gets what is expected while a person who feels worthy of good things receives a mirrored response from the Law of Attraction. How we feel about money has a lot to do with how much money comes to us and what happens to that money. A person who feels that money is limited usually has little or no money by the end of the week because these feelings create circumstances that reflect what is felt inwardly.


You cannot expect to manifest prosperity if you affirm “I am rich and prosperous” while not feeling rich and prosperous. If you do so you will only frustrate yourself, give up and will never manifest your desires. So, it is important to create affirmations that feel comfortable as you speak them.

For example, a person who wants to attract money through Western Max would say, “I am playing the perfect game where I’m going to win a lot of money.” These discouraging feelings may arise because a former play may not have won. As a result, negative memories, feelings and beliefs can sabotage affirmations. So, a more effective affirmation might be, “I am now in the process of attracting money through Western Max. I am doing this through the creative power of the Law of Attraction.”