New Win 4D Lotto – Tips and Tricks

There are several ways to select New Win 4D Lotto numbers, including anniversaries, birthdays, numerology, and random guesses. However, playing the lottery is not just about luck and guessing. Statistics and advanced algorithms are scientific strategies you can also use to increase your chances of winning. 

Try to increase your odds by doing the following. 

Determine numbers that occur together frequently

With the use of a supercomputer, and if you have access to mathematical methods that can help determine the numbers that occur together often, you may try that. Some people used this strategy by putting the most likely combinations based on history, and it worked for them. Do that from time to time, and who knows? 

Buy more tickets

The more tickets you buy, the higher is the chance of success. It is the same as when you prepare for an exam. The more knowledge you memorize, the higher is your chance of getting a high score. Some people use the strategy of pooling. They play Lotto as a group and buy one thousand tickets together, increasing their odds of success a thousandfold. 

The downside to this strategy is that you will have to share the jackpot with many people. If there are 500 people in your group, and you hit 500,000 that will mean that every one of you can take 1,000 each. 

Mix numbers from low to high

Lotto players select numbers they believe can become the winning combination from their anniversaries or birthdays. For instance, if the 7th of February is the birthday, a player can place a bet 0207 or 7020. 

As there are only 31 days max in any month, numbers higher than 31 are not chosen as often. If you choose higher numbers and win on them, it is less likely that you will have to split the pot with other people. Some people won New Win 4D Lotto this way, thanks to this tip. So, combine higher numbers and include the special days of your life. 

No software can predict the outcome of lotteries. However, you can increase the chances of not splitting the jackpot if you include numbers that players do not often choose. 

Stick to your number combination

Even if you were not lucky a couple of times, you should play the same combination the next time around. Who knows, it may be the winning combination next time. 

It goes to say that you should not pick quick numbers. If you allow the machine to pick the number for you, you have a lower chance of winning. Picking a number this way lowers the odds in your favor.  

Let us say the odds of winning a jackpot is 1:10,000. The theory here is that your chosen combination will be the lucky one in one of the 10,000 games. That tells us the odds of that combination appearing improve every time it is not drawn. 

It goes to say that you should not pick a number that had been drawn recently. The common notion is that recently drawn numbers are lucky numbers. On the contrary, the probability that the same number will be drawn again soon is quite low. 

Try second chance games

Many lotteries offer second-chance games, so players can play a second time on a single ticket. If you do not win on the first draw, you might win on the second. 

Use statistical data

There are two types of lotto players based on how they use statistical data. Some use it to their advantage, and some play against it. Pick the style that suits you. Here is how to utilize statistical data. 

  • Note a hot number – This number was frequently drawn in the past two months. 
  • Cold number – Number that was not frequently drawn in the history of the game 
  • Number mixing – choosing numbers from different sections improves your odds of winning
  • Overdue number – a number that has not been drawn for quite a long time
  • Even/odd+ low/high – consider combining from even (2, 4, 6, etc.), odd (1, 3, 5, etc.), high numbers, and low numbers.  

Do not bet on a number suggested by horoscope or fortune cookies

While it is fun to do this, the problem of getting tips from the public domain is that there is a high chance that many people are playing the same number at the same time. Thus, if you hit the jackpot, other people will claim the prize together with you. 

Such an event took place in the US in 2005. More than 100 people laid claim to the second prize of the lottery in New York. The prize to be claimed amounted to £150,000. 

When lottery officials investigated the incident, it was found that all winners played the same numbers printed in fortune cookies distributed by a local confectionery. The company released thousands of those cookies with the same numbers. Your target is to win the jackpot and win it alone. 

Make a plan for the big win

You have heard many times about winners who ended up broke a few years later. If you are an avid New Win 4D Lotto player, you need to plan what you will do when you hit it big. Many lotto winners were not wealthy before they won, so they were clueless about handling a large amount of money.

When you hit it big, the advice is to hire a financial planner, a lawyer, and an accountant. These professionals can help you make intelligent financial decisions moving forward. 

Consider diversified investments. Keep some cash, and invest some in stocks and bonds. You may also invest in precious metals and real estate. However, do not make investments in instruments that you do have any experience in at all. 

Because people know you are the winner of a large amount, you will have a deluge of strangers coming to you pitching about investment strategies. Some of them will ask a favor from you. Make sure that your financial planning team and everyone in the team is informed of every investment scheme you will consider.