Allure Lotto 4D – Achieve Your Dreams by Winning

Aren’t you tired of working day in and day out and still not be able to afford a vacation or even a quick trip without worrying about all the money you’ll be spending? Has it come to a point that you’re getting tired of browsing social media to see how other people can travel, have a great time, or afford things that will take you months – if not years to afford? You’ve been betting on Allure Lotto 4D for a while so you can get a chance at a bit of financial freedom, yet have not been lucky enough to win. But what if you discover that there is a way for you to raise your chances at winning? No magic, just legit techniques that you can apply to your advantage. This may just be the secret you’ve been waiting for. Below are a few tricks that you can use but it will need a bit of work from your end. Just keep an open mind and learn ad much as you can to give yourself a better shot.

Bear in mind that the lottery is a numbers game. The fewer the numbers to be drawn, the higher the chances you have of winning. If there are 6 digits to be drawn that will run from 1 through 49, then there are over 13 million possible combinations. But if you’re playing a ticket from Allure Lotto 4D, there are only 4 numbers to be drawn and there are only 10,000 possible combinations. This gives you a greater chance of winning the lottery than playing your hand at a higher stake, yet smaller odds for hitting the prize. So here are a few dos and don’ts that you should apply to gain the upper hand.


  • Diversify your numbers between highs and lows – variation is a good key to finding the right combination that has a good chance of getting drawn. It is rare to see a draw that only has all the higher numbers or all the lower half of the possible numbers. 
  • Check on the previous draws – while you’re strategizing on the numbers you want to play, do your due diligence and check on the past results. Try and go as far back as you can, at least a couple of months. This will give you a good idea if the numbers you plan to play are still possible. Sometimes, players aren’t aware that the combinations they have chosen were already drawn before. It’s unlikely for the same set of numbers to drawn again especially if it’s pretty recent. 
  • Follow the rule of 7s – when you have a combination in mind that you plan to play, add them all up and see what the total is. A safe assumption to make is to ensure that your total is any number that is divisible by 7. This means it should be 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42, etc. Try and revisit previous draws and you’ll find a good number of them that totals to this divisible. However, if your number combination is not an exact match, try to keep it as close as possible – maybe only either higher or lower by 2. 
  • Observe and eventually join betting groups – there are millions of people out there that has the same dreams and goals as you. And it’s actually nice to know that there are social groups that are specifically catered to these individuals. They can share tips, tricks, and even pool their money together to increase all their chances of winning. Imagine if you join a group of 20 people. You’ll put in enough money to buy one ticket, and all the other 19 people will do the same. That means you’ll be part of all 20 combinations that will be played. When any of the 20 combinations is drawn and wins the pot, you’ll also be part of the pool that will split the winnings among all the members of the group. So, if you were to win the pot worth 10,000, you’ll split this 20 ways so each member of the group will take their share. You’ll win a total of 500 for this game. It’s definitely not a lot, but it’s still something that’s worth so much more than what you invested, right? Remember that the point here is to increase your odds of winning and this is exactly what syndication groups can do for you and your chances at 4D Allure Lotto.


  • Bet on the same numbers – sure, this is a possible combination that can be drawn; but, how many times have you seen a draw result with all the same numbers? Chances are slim and this is the exact opposite of what you want. You want to increase your chances and not further sink you down the line of possibilities. 
  • Choose a pattern from the sheet – slashing through a straight line is just ass much as choosing the exact same numbers four times in a row. You’ll have a better chance to diagonally draw a line and that will give you variables. However, that means your combination will end up in a succession of numbers and that’s not a good option either. 
  • Place all your money in a single ticket – if you’ve been playing the lotto for quite some time now, you probably already have a set budget you’re willing to spend each week. If you’re convinced that placing more bets means having more chances of winning, then you’re technically right. However, if you’re not using any other strategy, the this is a sure fire way for you to lose more money instead of at least getting some of them back. 

These are only a few of the many possible tips and tricks that you can employ in your quest to increase your chances of winning the lottery. So use them well, and before you know it, you’ll be busy counting your winnings and planning the next big thing in your life – like a well-deserved vacation.